Completed: May 2020

Type: Restaurant / Two-story Ground-up

Blue Bird Karaoke

Completed: Feb. 2021

Type: Interior Build-out

Bank Of Hope

Completed: Sept. 2017

Type:  New Construction

Ramen Bar Ichi

Completed: Oct. 2016

Type: Restaurant Build-out

Overcomers Church

Completed Project: Sept. 2018

Type: New Construction

Quynh Lam, M.D. PLLC

Completed: Aug. 2016

Type: Healthcare / Build-out

Marriott Houston North

Completed: Jun 2016

Type: Commercial Remodel

Restaurant B&T

Completed: April 2017

Type: Restaurant Build-out

Promise One Bank

Completed : Sept. 2019 

Type: Interior Build-out

Crazy Boss

Completed Project: Aug. 2019 

Type: Retail Warehouses Remodel

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Questions & Answers:

Will my project be completed on time?

We make sure to evaluate your project and take time to give you a completion date that we will honor.  We know how important your time is, and we'll make sure that we give you an accurate timeline for our work. 

What is the quality of your work?

We are happy to post our projects online to show our superior workmanship.  We welcome you to visit our office as well as other projects we've completed.  We believe that quality work speaks for itself.

Campbell Plaza

Completed : Oct.  2015

Type: Commercial Plaza Remodel

Starbucks Hilton North

Completed: Sept. 2015

Type: Commercial Remodel


Completed: Aug. 2018

Type: Office Build-out

Soju 101

Completed: Feb. 2019

Type: Restaurant Build-out